The effort to support the Fair Districts Now Initiative is continuing. The coalition has extended the deadline and is now aiming for the 2018 ballot (which is probably better anyway). To date we have 16,000 + signatures in Hamilton County, roughly half of what we need. That was an amazing effort in just six weeks time. We need to do so sooner than later though because the validity rate on petitions declines over time. This is no time to quit.

This is a ballot initiative to change the way Congressional Districts are drawn in Ohio, to end gerrymandering by amending the Ohio Constitution.

If you can circulate a petition we have plenty at our office, 6109 Webbland Place in Pleasant Ridge. If you are interested there is a training video that explains this issue and the do’s and don’t of circulating petitions which can be seen here.

Its worth noting that the Brennan Center for Justice just a not long ago released a detailed study of gerrymandering around the country. They measured gerrymandering using three different statistical metrics. What they found was Ohio was one of the worst if not the worst gerrymandered state in the country. Ohio was ranked worst in two of the three metrics. The graph here illustrates one of them.

Lets get this done. People have been asking what they can do. Well here is one thing that can be done which is very important. Lets make our votes for Congress count. We cannot let up now!



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